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About me

I’m an economist, journalist and author. I’ve covered the British economy for the Economist, the global economy for BBC Newsnight and been the economics columnist for Prospect magazine. I’ve also written for a range of other publications from the Financial Times to Political Quarterly. I began my career at the Bank of England, working on monetary and credit data at a time when no one really cared about monetary and credit data and after that worked in both asset management and public policy.

My first book, Two Hundred Years of Muddling Through, was published by Little, Brown in August 2021. You can buy it here.

The Financial Times said it was “the history that really matters”.

The Times called it, “impressively researched, succinctly written and highly readable”.

Adam Tooze was kind enough to say it was “pitch perfect, fast-moving, brilliantly well judged”.

My eldest child, aged eight and a half, reckons “it is quite dull and doesn’t have many good characters”.  You can’t please everyone.

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